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Extremely Secret Diary -- Lego Colin's Journal

23rd August, 2003. 11:08 pm.

Poor Ron. It seems he managed to walk in on Draco & Ginny going at it hot & heavy. And now he can't get the image of them out of his head. I told him the only thing to do is to drown it out with another image; to watch some other girl getting it hard and fast. And I know just the girl....

I think this might be just what I needed to get him into the same room with me & Susan Bones. And if he decides to join in on the fun, so much the better.

I know I'd like to watch him impaling her on that thick dick of his. Just thinking about it is getting me worked up...

Current mood: horny.

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2nd August, 2003. 12:51 am. well... THAT was unexpected...

Tonight was Professor Bumblebore's birthday party. And I suppose it went OK. There were no accidents, the feast was immense, the flying displays were pretty cool, too. I got lots of pictures of everything.

But as I was leaving the party to go grab a few more rolls of film, Susan Bones caught up to me. She wanted to talk to me in private, while everyone else was distracted.

It seems that she's been catching those flicks at the cinema in London again. The ones she used to drag Hermione to. And she wants to try something she's seen there.

But she needs two boys to help her.

Susan wants to try a DP.Collapse )

Thing is, she doesn't want to announce it to the whole school. And she doesn't really know of "two other boys who would be willing to get their dicks that close together."

Mind you, I could have given her a list, but.... why shoot myself in the foot?

So I told her I'd talk to Ron about it.

mmmmm...... Ron AND a girl at the same time. I am SO there.

Now... if I can just get HIM there, too.......

Current mood: excited.

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29th June, 2003. 1:12 am. Who Knew?

It seems that Ron has never been with a girl before.

Not ever.

I told him he didn't know what he was missing. That there's nothing like the feeling of having a girl writhing around on the tip of your tongue. And the taste.....


He needs to do this.

I need to do this.

The only question is: Who?

Current mood: predatory.

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12th June, 2003. 6:19 am. Well... THAT was uncomfortable.

I finally found out why I was getting those odd looks from the girls. It came out when one of them --while doing an piss-poor job of sucking me off-- gazed up at me all sort of starry-eyed and asked "Did you really shag Harry Potter?"



That also pretty much explained the comment from Dean Thomas that Harry was looking for me.

Well, I figured it'd be better if I found him first. I was sure that I was going to get reamed (and not in a nice way) no matter how we hooked up, but he might be willing to go easier on me if I volunteered the confession before he had time to demand it.

I really need to learn to curb my Imp of the Perverse. Especially around Malfuck.

Anyway, so I caught Harry on his way to the Quidditch Pitch for the Precision Flying Practice ol' Hoochy-koo has planned for Bumblebore's birthday, and admitted that I had made the grievous error of judgment as to let Malfuck goad me into gloating. I apologised profusely --and sincerely!!!-- and let Harry know that I'd accept whatever action he wants to take, or not take, about my stupid indiscretion.

And then I waved him on to practice.....

....with Malfuck. I'd forgotten about that part, that he & Ginny's bed-buddy were on the same team for a change. I swear I can't do anything right this week.

Anyway, I only hope that sometime, maybe twenty years or so down the road, Harry'll forgive me. Even if I don't deserve it.

But how was I supposed to know that Malfuck would spread around that I was shagging Harry. Something he had yet to manage his own slimy self? Git.

Current mood: annoyed.

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31st May, 2003. 6:06 pm. What a weird day...

Well, even though we didn't play Ginny's game, Ron and I did have a long talk before breakfast. It turns out that he was starting to feel the "sameness" of our sex, too. We've agreed to mention it to each other when we notice it again, and to try to spice it up a bit in the meantime.

First thing we're going to do is bring back the camera.

It seems Ron misses the fun of the photo-shoots. He really is amazing in front of the lens. But he also wants to learn to photograph me. That should be kind of interesting. I usually like teaching someone the finer points of photography, and I've never been a "naughty" model. I'm getting hard just thinking about it.

And then, as I was headed off to the library to study for my OWLs, I noticed people were looking at me funny. The girls, mostly. They were staring at me as if I'd just killed a unicorn or something.

I wish I knew what I was supposed to have done now.....

Current mood: confused.

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25th May, 2003. 1:45 am.

I hate to admit it, but I can be a real shit sometimes.

Like tonight.Collapse )

Current mood: excited.

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3rd May, 2003. 9:26 am. What a Day...

At some point today, it occurred to me that I owed Ginny a big one. In a single act of ...showmanship... she managed to do something I had been trying to pull off for years:

She got Harry interested in shagging with me!

And she did it without even trying.

So... as I walked into Transfigurations (our first shared class today) I went straight over to her and gave her a big ol' smack on the cheek.

"What was that for?"

"Because I owe you a massive favor." Then I realized she was sitting next to Erin. "And besides, you looked like you could use it."

"oh. OK."

Then McGonagall came into the room & I had to head over to my own seat.

Ginny caught up to me in the hall after class and asked if I was serious about the favor. Then she asked me if I'd go talk to Neville for her.Collapse )

That boy really needs to get laid.

Anyway... now I'm off to find Ginny & tell her what Neville said. And then I think I need some "quality time" with Ron. All this talking & thinking about sex has got me a bit ...worked up.

Current mood: horny.

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28th April, 2003. 1:10 pm. I DID IT!!!

I did the Weasley trick!!

Warning! Graphic Sexual Content. Enter at your own risk.Collapse )

In other news, Ron seems to be coming out of his stupor. Harry & I have both been talking to him about the Ginny/Draco thing. And I know he's been noticing how Malfuck's been coming to her defense. How could he not? Draco's been very serious about separating her from any boy who gets too close without her consent. I've even seen him send one of them to the Hospital Wing.

Ron is still obviously not happy about the whole idea, but I think he may be at least getting used to it.

Or it might just be that he's realizing how close the end of term is. I think he's positive this whole thing will fizzle out over Summer Holiday.

Me? I'm not so sure...

But, Summer Holiday is still quite a bit away, and in the meantime I plan on taking full advantage of all my opportunities.

I wonder when Harry will be free again.

Current mood: predatory.

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23rd April, 2003. 9:36 am.

The Weasley's never cease to amaze me.

I mean, first there's Ron, understated and often ignored, who would, if not for his friendship with The Boy Who Lived (TM), either disappear entirely into the woodwork or actually be noticed for the amazing person he is.

And then there's GinnyCollapse )

The other amazing thing about all this is that Draco hasn't turned his back on her. He hasn't joined the rest of the school in taunting her or ostracising her. He stands beside her and behind her, as if she were precious and the rest of them were something distasteful he'd scraped off the bottom of his shoe.

And he's right.

Even if it is a little scary to find him on the same side as Ron & Harry & me.

Current mood: pensive.

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21st April, 2003. 1:02 am. Zip-a-dee-doo-dah

Wow! What a day. It all started with breakfast. I was sitting next to Ron, as usual, Neville on my other side & Ginny, Harry & Hermione across from us. Neville has started to sit real close to the rest of us, like he's afraid of his new popularity, and so he sits with the ones with more notoriety than himself. I really wish he'd just ASK us to teach him what to do with the girls...

And about teaching! ...but that's later. Let me get this all written in order...

Adventures at BreakfastCollapse )

Let's just say that though inexperienced, Harry was everything I'd always thought he would be. And I was proud to be his teacher.

I can't wait for his next "lesson".

Current mood: satisfied.

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